ittendance is as simple as taking a selfie

  • Location Detection:

    Ittendance supports global teams and allow them to mark attendance from multiple locations.

  • Optional Punch Outs:

    Supports environments such as educational institutes where punch-out isn't required.

  • Bulk Punches:

    Allows administrator to mark bulk punch-ins/punch-outs for their team members in single click.

Easy to Manage & Approve Leaves & Half Day Requests

  • Different Leave Labels:

    Remain transparent when it comes to your reason to request a leave. Be it a sick leave, maternal leave or a more complex leave, ittendance has you covered with a custom list of Leave Labels created by the team admin.

  • Easy to Apply for Leaves:

    Applying for leaves has never been easier. Select a leave label, mention the dates, type in your reason, and send the request to your team's admin. Simple.

  • One-Click Approval Process:

    Approving and rejecting leave requests is an easy and quick process. The admin can view the team member's reasoning along with which label he selected within the request notification and make the final decision accordingly.

Create custom filters & tags to view & export report in real-time

  • Custom tags to distinguish team members:

    Too many employees to keep track of? Need a report of a particular department only? Why not use Custom Tag feature of ittendance, which helps you categorize teams and organize the information you require.

  • Custom search filters:

    Use our tags feature within the custom search filter to view a specific list of employees associated with the tag you entered. This creates a simplified list of members for attendance evaluation or report creation.

  • View & Export Reports in Real-time:

    Need the monthly report ready today? Want to keep a record of all your employees for bonus purposes? Use ittendance and stay up to date with all your reports needs with its request report.

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